Youth program

Photo credit: Jennifer Simard

We are always looking for ways to include Moose Cree youth in our research project! In 2018, we hired a Youth Leader to help with our project, and to get feedback from other youth on what they would find valuable in a youth program. Starting in 2019, we will have opportunities for youth to come and join us for our fieldwork.

If you are a Moose Cree youth and would like to get involved in our project, please contact us!

Moose Cree youth Ben Rickard is all smiles as he holds his new iPad. Ben was the winner of the prize draw at our booth during the Delores D. Echum Composite School Career Fair Day in Moose Factory, February 2020.
Here are some highlights from our youth program in fall 2019: fieldwork on the Lower Mattagami River!
WCS Canada and Moose Cree First Nation (MCFN) partners and youth on the shores of the Lower Mattagami River. From left to right: Jacob Seguin (WCS Canada), Jennifer Simard (MCFN, above), Claire Farrell (WCS Canada, below), Jonathan Rickard (MCFN), Ocean Phillips (Youth), Denika Quachegan (Youth)
Denika Quachegan holds a temperature logger. These loggers are attached to anchors at the bottom of the rivers we study, and measure the temperature of the water where each of our lake sturgeon receivers are.
Ocean Phillips (left) and Denika Quachegan (right) had the opportunity to use this Deeptrekker ROV submersible in the Lower Mattagami Riverr as a part of our youth program during fall fieldwork.
Ocean Phillips (left) and Denika Quachegan (right) on the shores of the Lower Mattagami River, with one of the hydroelectric dams in the background. Our research program is helping us learn about how sturgeon move and behave in a river that has been impacted by hydroelectric dams.
Denika Quachegan admires her handiwork on the shores of the Lower Mattagami River as we wrap up a good, long day of fieldwork.