What to do if you catch a tagged fish

Photo credit: Liset Cruz Font

You might catch a lake sturgeon that is part of our project. If you notice when you pull your nets or lines that a lake sturgeon has a small scar on the belly, or it has a square piece of fin missing from the tail, please consider releasing this fish alive. This lake sturgeon is helping our study, and is providing valuable knowledge.

This is the belly of a lake sturgeon that has just been implanted with a tag. The stiches dissolve in a few weeks. If you catch a lake sturgeon with a small scar on the belly, near the fins, please consider releasing the fish.Dan Struthers (WCS Canada) and Larry Rickard (MCFN) release a lake sturgeon with a square ‘fin clip’ in the tail. If you catch a lake sturgeon one of these fin clips, or a recently regrown fin clip, please consider releasing the fish so it can continue to be part of the study.The tags are shaped like small black cylinders, and have a code written on the bottom. If you find a tag, please get in touch with us to return the tag!

You may also find a tag inside the body of a lake sturgeon while you are cleaning the fish. If this happens, it is very helpful for our study if can you get in touch with us and return the tag, so that we know which fish was caught, and where the fish was caught. Often, we can also re-use the tag!

If you have found a tag, you can contact Billy Isaac in Moose Factory, or drop it off at the Moose Cree First Nation Satellite Office in Kapuskasking with Jennifer Simard.

You can also contact us to get a pre-stamped envelope to mail the tag free of charge to the WCS Canada office in Thunder Bay. Click here for downloadable instructions on what to do if you capture a tagged fish!