Contributing to data collection

There are lots of ways to help the Learning from Lake Sturgeon project!

Submit a fin clip

If you are a lake sturgeon fisher, you can submit fin clips for part of our genetic study. Click here for instructions on how you can submit a fin clip! You can also submit muscle samples to be tested for contaminants. Please contact us if you would like to submit muscle samples.

Add to the map

You can also report observations about the health of the river, which we will use to help focus our research priorities. Use the map below to submit an observation! To start the process click on the ‘Draw Marker’ icon under the zoom buttons on the left. Next, place the marker on the location you want to submit an observation for and click. After that follow the instructions that will appear. Once you finished you will get back to the map. The information you provided will be made visible to everyone once we have checked your submission and made sure its appropriate for display in this map.